Je certifie sur l'honneur être majeur(e) et autorisé(e) par la législation de mon pays à acheter des produits contenant de l'alcool.


During the whole process, from our vineyard to your glass, we continually search for the highest quality and pleasure. I don’t seek perfection; I’ll leave that to others. The first steps to ensure a whine’s quality is respecting the soil and the environment. For several years, I have opted to forego any synthetic products, pesticides and weed killers.

Ploughing is my preferred method of taking care of the soil to ensure the best synergy between plant and the earth. Between November and March, the plant is in a dormancy period, and during these months, we prune them to ensure their longevity and to prepare them for future harvest. Pruning will have an impact not only on the current year, but also future vintages...
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We harvest manually, the grapes are transported in small containers to avoid crushing the fruit and to maintain its aroma. To produce red wine, and depending on the maturity and type of wine to be created, we sort the fruit, and then we have the choice to vat either only the grape berry or the whole crop. The harvest will produce anywhere from 25% for the simpler vintages to 100% for the more complex soils.

After they’ve been in the barrels, all the wines will be transferred to vats where they remain for several months to age the wine to perfection. This is an indispensable time to stabilise the wine before it is bottled – a process that happens about 18 months after the fruit has been harvested. None of the red wines receive any treatments, neither splicing (clarification), nor filtering.
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Antoine Olivier au salon des vignerons indépendants de Paris

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Nos vins médaillés à IWC 2019

Antoine Olivier obtient par ses vins une médaille d'Or et une médaille d'Argent

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Le domaine OLIVIER bientôt au...

Alejandro CHAVARRO est un grand sommelier. Il est jeune mais la valeur...

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