In order to manage successfully and effectively your wine cellar, please find bellow some information concerning the maturity of the wine.
Because we are tasting the wine all year long (we do have a very boring and hard work !!!!!!!)

Of course our comments will apply only if the wine is stored under good conditions, with a natural wine cellar or a wine fridge ……don’t even think about the cupboard under the stairs or the smallest room in the garage, forget all that and drink up !!!!!

Enjoy your drink !



2014 – - It s a little bit young, but enough open nose to appreciate.

2013 - It’s starts to come, will be perfect in 2018.

2012 - - Keep it simple, it’s astonishing !

2011 - Ready to drink, enjoy !

2010 - Always so delicious, drink it now.

2009 - Strength and smoothness, still has many years to go, it is already excellent.

2008 - Magnificent classic white burgundy, already truly lovely, made for cellaring.

2007 - If you follow the above advices, you will have none…

2006 - Ouch !!! worse than 2007.

2005 - This is monumental, for now, the best wine of the millennium !

2004 - Hopefully, you will have some more bottles left, hopefully…

2014 - Right-knit in the mouth a carafage is needed. 

2013 - Fruity, lively and pleasant wine.

2012 - Generous and rich wine, to be kept !

2011 - Wine already open, but need to be kept.

2010 - Just perfect today, perfect tomorrow…

2009 - Still as great as ever and increasingly accessible.

2008 - A wine in full phase and nearly reached the age of reason, you have to test it…

2007 - No more questions, uncork !

2006 - A rich and powerful wine, still a teenager (without acnee) !

2005 - THE vintage, a wine of great class.

2004 - It’s now or never !